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The Practice
Dr.  Michael D. Grant, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Our Approach


Dr. Michael Grant and his entire staff are committed members of the patient’s support team throughout their journey of the detection, treatment, and followup of breast disease/cancer. While this experience is often a trying one for both the patient and their family, Dr. Grant makes every effort to lessen the emotional burden by instilling confidence in everyone involved. The goal is always to make the process as efficient for the patient as possible. Knowledge and a teamwork approach are the keys to a successful journey while our new office is designed to create a calming and peaceful environment that is welcoming for all patients and their families.

Available Patient Resources


  • A carefully selected, highly trained, friendly and caring staff                                                                                                    


  • An office environment that is both comfortable and conducive to meeting the needs of the patient                                            

  • Direct access to leading medical and radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists,  genetic counselors and more


  • The knowledge and skills of a surgeon whose practice is devoted solely to the treatment of breast disease/cancer since 1993.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Through Dr. Grant’s affiliation with Solis Mammography Centers, the W.H. and Peggy Smith Baylor-Sammons Breast Center and the Darlene G. Cass Breast Imaging Centers, all of the available resources a patient needs to guide them through the diagnosis of breast disease/cancer are conveniently located nearby.                                                                                                                     

  • Four blocks from Dr. Grant’s office, The Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center is the premier destination for North Texas’ most experienced, comprehensive and cutting edge cancer care

For additional information about The Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center,




Due to your physician’s concern over improving the quality and reducing the cost of medical procedures, along with a number of other physicians, he has invested in University Surgical Partners of Dallas, L.L.P., a limited liability partnership that owns Baylor SurgiCare, located at 3920 Worth Street, Dallas, TX. 75246.

This investment provides your physician an opportunity to retain quality control over your medical procedures and to ensure that your medical costs are reasonable.  Your physician’s ownership interest in University Surgical Partners of Dallas does however mean that your physician may benefit from choosing to perform surgical procedures on you at this facility.  Because of this, your physician hereby advises you that you have the right to choose to be treated at some other facility, and that he will make arrangements for such an alternative should you so desire.

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